About Rachel

Rachel Robinson

A free soul, Rachel was born in New York City and spent her early childhood living with her mother Jamie Robinson in the infamous Chelsea Hotel. She grew up surrounded by artists and creative types, her life with her mother Jamie was always full of adventure the two are incredibly bonded.

When Rachel was five, the pair moved to Miami Beach where her mother was born. Rachel knew she loved the sun and the warmth Miami offered.

While in Miami athletics came naturally to Rachel and she excelled in sports receiving scholarships to play volleyball, softball, and basketball. Sports, a fit lifestyle, and strong work ethic have always been part of her core.

Rachel’s approach to fitness is not only about changing the body, but really changing the way you feel inside. She focuses more on a feeling and sense of accomplishment – rather than on the body, even though that of course follows when people commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Rachel Fitness Lifestyle includes LIVE workouts on Instagram and video tutorials which will have exclusive workouts that instruct technique and form. On this platform you are going to find the tools you need to motivate and change your life and body.

You can find Rachel now living in Miami with her wife Natalie Gee and their three beautiful children Jesse, Jack, and Ari. Rachel spends her days committed to her family and career. Rachel is also dedicated to Jamie’s Rescue, a 501c3 non for profit dog rescue founded by her mother, where the two women have helped rescue and place rescue dogs with thousands of families in Florida for over 15 years.

On the daily you can see Rachel LIVE and in video at rachelfitness.com, or at Barrys where she is the Director of Trainer Development, and teaches 12 classes per week at 2 of the Miami Locations.